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Pardon Me

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First saw JTNL opening for Robert Randolph at the Fillmore West in SF in '09 or '10. Kicked ass! Love this band.....went across the hall after the second song of the set (Young & free) and bought the album. VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED that there's not been another album yet!

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Saw JTNL last night at Alley Fest in Longview, TX and one of the songs in particular has been stuck with me and I can't find it anywhere. I don't remember the lyrics too much after I fell asleep last night but I do remember "Mr. Midnight..." and then my mind just place the music without words. Any help?

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I just discovered JT and TNL in Yukon,OK last week and was completely blown away. Bought the CD and it hasn't left the CD player yet. One of the single best live acts/shows out there, and at 48yrs old I've seen my share of live shows all over the country. These guys are the real deal and I thank the good Lord every night that JT and TNL are one of the few bands out there that are genuinely keeping true rock and roll alive and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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i found them late in life too thank god they are from texas we see them as much as we possibly can

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In the anals of blues rock history there have been many bands that have spurred the frenzy of audiences, and have become legendary. From the early days of Cream, Johnny Winter, and Ten Years After to the new blues revolution that has been spurred by the likes of The White Stripes and The Black Keys. But there is one band that has taking the spirit of those legendary bands, possessed seemingly by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones but creating a sound that is undeniably recognizable as their own. This band is Jonathan Tyler and the Norhter Lights. A rollicking, frenetic, and soaring sound that both lifts the spirit and energizes the soul. Creating songs that are timeless in their theme and impeccable in their artistry JTNL has grabbed the blues rock torch and has set out to burn down the country!

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Drew Kuchera from Kansas....JTNL is a great band. One of my favorites. Should be yours as well. Can't wait to see you again near Kansas!

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Thay are good I would listen to am.

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I've been listening to you all for well over a year now thanks to OKC's Wormy Dog Saloon website. Then I had the chance to see you play in a small southwestern town in Missouri. I'm forever hooked! Thanks Shawn and Kandi for booking these guys, one of my most memorable shows! We 'drumstick' girls love ya!

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Thank you Kris Williams for turning me on to Jonathan Tyler, I had never heard his music before. He has an awesome voice and is a great musician. Thanks for making great music Johnathan. :-)

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turn those amps up!!!!!!!!!!!! keep f going ppl!!! awsome!!!! refreshing,,, wicked!!!!!! f love it...... if its too loud your too old,,,,,,,,,, keep on keepin jt and nl's... froem new england

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Dude... Ya just gotta hit AZ soon! I got a sweet forum in mind, not too big not too small, and its outdoors and you can quadruple Stack it @ volume 10 and of course they allow BEER... ummm BEER. Just found you guys not so long ago but im on yer donkey now... Keep it up your gonna hit the biggunz soon... Fu^&in A ya rock!

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Took the wife to see you guys in Moible. So sad the rest of the world was asleep when it was told of your being there. It was still so very cool and intimate. When we met you guys, there couldn't have been 75 people there. Each one of you were very genuine and a pleasure to speak to. I was cocky in my day as a front man. JT, if you recall I told you that you had a sweet spirit. Nick, if I got the name right, I was so overwhelmed with your love affair with you base. It was too much.We both come from music backgrouds. Me, I was a front man in the 80s in vegas and traveled to and played the sunset strip on occasion. We had a deeper passion with drugs though. Life was fast and dangerous back then. Proud to say clean and sober for 11 years now. Got into radio for some years just to get my air vocal on. Got my spin on in clubs and was recuited by entertaing outfit out of Nashville. I was always mistaken for Rod Stewart and they wanted me to go on the road spinning in hotel resorts and performing. It got old. My wife has a voice a milliont times better than mine or any others. Her backgrond is gospel, but I'm trying to encourage her to think Janis Joplin when she sings. Her voice is too beautiful but she could use an adge I know that hides in her. She sang back up vocals for a christian rock band with a sound a little like yours. Why am I saying all this? I'm over 50 years old and I've done it all. Your sound is real and takes me back to the 60's and 70's when rock and roll was real. ZZ Top, Nazereth, The Band, and so many others. I live variously through you guys. I pray things happen for you.

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I saw yall in Ft. Worth really really wish yall would come back! Yall rocked it!!

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Saw you guys in Portland Maine last night. THE best show I've seen in quite some time! Thanks for giving us everything you had!!

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How can I get that awesome song "Time For love"?

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JTNL played at Cannon Mtn (New Hampshire) on Mar 26th. It was a chilly 14 dgrees as fans and avid skiers enjoyed hits from their album and other rocking songs including Jimi Hendrix's Crosstown Traffic.
Well Done!!

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It's been a while since a band has struck me as this band has! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to see them live at Antones in Austin.


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I've seen these guys live and I have a cd from the show. You guys need to get the other songs on your next cd. I love them!! She's from the Other Side, Sunshine (a beautiful song), Time for Love, Slow Train, Lost Soul, This Girl and Something in the Wind. Everyone will love them! I know them all by heart.

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Saw them open for Grace Potter this week in Jacksonville... they were EXCELLENT!!

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Can't wait to see them open for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals in Atlanta!

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bought cd and LEARING every trac on here.......i like their syle so much i want to play it myself.....and that folks says something.

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I saw these guys in Austin about 4 yrs ago and they effen rock. Opened for this album

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showed up and became an instant fan....these guys are the real deal and the music is tight.....met the bass player and lead guitarist outside House of Blues in Houston. Guys could NOT have been more likable and cool...Dude (brandon) wanted my vintage Stones t shirt and was willing to horse trade for it....Awesome guys and they flippin JAM!

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Just Purchased 'Pardon Me' album on itunes... when will it be released on CD/Vinyl in the UK?? Jonathan Tyler& The Northern Lights are the most exciting band i have heard in along time.. Classic american rock n roll with a fresh twist!

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They shook the roof at The Reef in Boise on Weds. Kickass Time!!!

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This band ROCKS! Can't wait to see them at La Zona Rosa.

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Do you supply radio stations with promo material?

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I simply CANNOT get burned out on your music. WOW! You guys tear it up!! Can't wait to catch another show!