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Emotion Brown


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Emotion Brown
About Me: 
Emotion Brown (aka Camika Spencer) was born November 21, on the cusp of Scorpio/Saggitarius in Dallas, Texas. A graduate of South Hagerstown High School in Hagerstown, Maryland, Emotion spent extra time writing and listening to music. Tambourine came from her roots in the United Methodist church. After a decade long stint as a best-selling author and performance poet, Emotion stepped away and reunited with music by assisting friends and later forming her own sound lab, Emotion & the Cosmos. She joined JTNL in March of 2007 and never looked back.
Mic City
Favorite Bands: 
The Roots, Mint Condition, PortisHead, Little Dragon, Budos, & The Heavy
United States
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Music Influences: 
Nina Simone, Ricky Lee Jones, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Kim McFarland, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder --- pretty much anything, everything, the in-between and nothing all at once.
Favorite Movies: 
Love Jones, Imitation of Life, Zoolander
Favorite Books: 
The Parable books by Octavia E. Butler, Conversation With God by Neale Donald Walsh, The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo, When All Hell Breaks Loose by Camika Spencer, & Portable Promised Land by Toure
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Last 3 artists you've listened to?: 
Lauryn Hill Rodrigo y Gabriela New Night Babies
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uptome's picture

oh, wish you hadn't told pam she could dance... for crying out loud.. lol :-)

uptome's picture

Happy B'day Mo, i'm gonna be hoarse for a couple of days... if all the yelling wasn't enough.. that 2 am version of Happy Birthday, finished it off.. lol Thanks for your time, you are a great lady.

debbie mullin's picture

just wanted to say hi...saw u on the boat...would love to hear a song with more u.....just sent a not to jt......will be at kid rock/bon jovi sat the 31...may stay downtown sat.(live about 20 mile south of city)....and want to catch u guys in wicker park sun....we should party a bit in chi. sat night :) know ya like to haha....oh ya......i've been to hagerstown.. i used to go to summer camp in rising sun md.....loved the river...

Normalisoverrated2112's picture

Mo, you guys' fan base in El Paso is steadily growing due to my convincing KLAQ to begin limited promotion of Pardon Me. I have also sold you all about fifty copies of the album, some to key figures of the music scene in El Paso. I have also told many of my friends in Albuquerque of your talent. There is a local coffeehouse (all ages) that is a hot music venue that I think you would like.

rectangle's picture

i bet you would like gunnar fritz stansson

Emotion Brown's picture

MITTENZ. would love to come back . . . Keep eyes on calendar we will cross paths and all will be rock and soul.

mittenz's picture

emo, you all need to come back to cinci! or at least my new home, lexington :)