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Jonathan Tyler


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Jonathan Tyler
About Me: 
I was born January 5th, 1985 in Birmingham Alabama. I spent most of my early childhood outdoors, traveling, playing sports, fishing, and listening to music. I fell in love with music at a very young age; so most of my life's energy has centered around it. I got my first guitar on Christmas Day 1998. I was 13. I immediately devoted myself completely to learning to play. I did little else. My family relocated to Dallas TX in 2000. I played in several start-up bands and began writing songs too. After high school I went to business school for two years at the University of North Texas before dropping/flunking out to play music full time. We formed JTNL shortly after and the rest is still unfolding.
Favorite Bands: 
The Rolling Stones (The Rolling Stones Now, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Beggars Banquet, Exile on Main St.) Led Zeppelin (Albums I-IV) J.J. Cale (V) Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry's on Top) The Allman Brothers (Eat a Peach) The Grease Band (The Grease Band & Amazing Grease) Leon Russell (Mad Dogs & Englishmen) Lynyrd Skynyrd (Self-titled) Gram Parsons (GP, Another side of Gram Parsons) Willie Nelson (Red Headed Stranger, Shotgun Willie) Roland Kirk (Prepare Thyself to Deal with a Miracle) Jimi Hendrix (Crash Landing, Woodstock) The White Stripes (Self-titled, Under the Blackpool Lights dvd) John Lee Hooker (Best of)
United States
Music Influences: 
Southern gospel, blues, folk, bluegrass, country, jazz.
Favorite Place: 
Austin Texas
Favorite Movies: 
Get Low
Favorite Books: 
Charles Bukowski, Ayn Rand
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RickGiovengo's picture

I saw you guys at the Pour House last night in Charleston, SC. Great band, great music, don't let up and just keep it real! Jonathan, thanks for taking time to relate to a fan.

Krissy's picture

love yall cant wait to see you in houston

donna_2's picture

Awesome show, once again, at the Granada New Year's Eve.....Jonathan poured his heart and soul into his music and we all felt it. The best live band I have ever seen!

J-Rob's picture

Amazing show in Columbia, SC. So much talent displayed by each member of this band! Incredible live show, definitely a must see!!!!! Thanks for including us on the tour!!!

RockinRobyn's picture

Would love to see u play the GA Theater in Athens between ur Columbia SC and Atlanta shows. They just reopened last week after a fire closed it down for two years. Nothing being advertised past nov. 10th show so perhaps I can slide in there. It's on the way and ya never know what could happen. Look what it did for REM and B52s. Let me know if I can help in any way.

RockinRobyn's picture

This CD is great background music to f#$k to! Thanks so much for bringing back the music I grew up listening to! I definitely hear Led Zep again.

Amber Noelle's picture

I'll be working this Friday night at Hat Tricks in Lewisville. Of all the artists we book to grace our stage, you are by far my favorite. I'm promoting the hell out of your show!! See you soon...

Kris's picture

Was wondering if you have any more info on the gig you have scheduled for July 16th in Nelson, IL (a 40th anniversary pig roast). Would love to come and see you guys!

brenna<3's picture

Just saw you guys last night at Pop's. Thanks for an awesome show, definitely one of the best I've ever been to :)

Thunderdrumass's picture

There's hope for music ...A band that knows how to sing rock and play roll.....Gypsy Woman justs rips it !!!!!!!!1

AshleyF1220's picture

JT, I just heard your band on a local radio station here in Mississippi. The song Gypsy Woman was very refreshing and right after I heard it I knew I had to buy the CD! I absolutely love your voice. I am a singer myself and I love to hear new artists who actually deserve to make it big. Good luck and God bless!

Jimmy Solari's picture

Saw you at the Florida Theater tonight in Jacksonville... great meeting and chatting with you. Keep bringing it!
Jimmy Solari

Dawn McIntyre's picture

Hi Jonathan! It's Dawn from Alberta, Canada! My hubby and I just heard your music for the first time last night and we both love it! Great sound. Got me all dancin up in here when my hubby turned up the volume on his computer! We've been posting your videos on Facebook and had great feedback!! Have you ever considered touring up in our neck of the woods in Calgary, Alberta? Love to hear from you! :)

emilyk's picture

Fantastic show in Birmingham with GP. Y'all are ridiculous live... inspired me to break out my harmonica again. That said, teach me? :) Anyway, thanks for a great show. I'll spread the word. Take care.

Fernanda's picture

I would like to see you someday, here in Spain?
How can I get your album here?
Greetings from the old continent!!

Monica Keim's picture

I came to your Seattle show this past weekend at El Corazon, I was too nervous to go and talk to you because of the cougars who swooped in.. But you guys did great. As a group everyone seems so happy, and so I wish you the best of luck and hope fame doesn't take from that. I like your bio on here as well.. It makes me feel more confident in my wandering soul-search.

jec2123's picture

So this is kinda on the personal side, sorry but I love the song to much not to ask. What were you thinking about when writing paint me a picture? Is it about a particular someone?

Tracey's picture

We would love to have you come out to Montreal, Canada to perform!!!

kjr7789's picture

Hey Jonathan,
I from Chicago and heard you guys just played out here recently...and i missed it! I was incredibly bummed out cause you guys are absolutely amazing. I was maybe making my way down to Austin to visit and saw you guys are playing on the 3rd! I've been looking around for tickets but can't seem to find any, lemme know where i can get a hold of some! Thanks so much


Dean Lindsay's picture

Super cool show last night at Hog Creek. Thanks JT&NL. Looking forward to catching many many more.

Normalisoverrated2112's picture

Hey Jonathan,
I was just wondering how things are going on the tour? You guys are on regular rotation on KLAQ over here. Slowly but surely i am convincing everyone who matters musically about you guys' awesomeness. Due to my suggestion, the local classic rock station has expressed serious interest in you guys to open next year's Foxstock festival and I can connect you guys for any booking arrangements. This has turned out to be a very popular festival (5,400 people showed up last year and with the names being thrown around it may be more this year) and would be another opportunity for you guys to showcase the material in it's truly-deserved coliseum setting.
Rock on!

Jen's picture

bharts's picture

I would love to see you make your way to Fayetteville, AR. You would rock this college town on it's ass. Keep the music coming, it's a good friend after a long day.

txranchlady's picture

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for coming out to Lubbock last Thursday and doing an acoustic show. Just when I thought it couldnt get better, it did. It was absolutely wonderful and was great to see this side of JT. For those that showed up, it was a night to be remembered for sure. I am certain you made some local musciains year by playing with them at the end of the show and I know the fans loved it! I for one have a newer appreciation for you and your music. It just took the experience to a whole new level for me. I know it was a rare treat to get to hear you acoustically and I am so proud I was able to be a part of the experience! Thank you for just being an awesome musician that loves what they do!

Jen's picture

I want to know, why do you play music?
What was the reason to play music? Are there a special event?
Which music do you preferred to hear and which music do you prefer to hear now?
What type of music swayed you?
When do you began to play music?
Which part had the music in your life, in the past and now?
What was your first experience with music?
Where do you played music? Maybe in a school-band, in the past?
What instruments do you play?
When you was a little boy, which job do you want to do?
Coin you something in your past?
Do your parents supporting you? Or a other person?
And please can you sent me some special memorys from your life and your way that you have stamped?! (please with the calendar date?!)
Sorry^^ I have so many questions, but Thanks for responding my questins :)

Jen's picture

Hey Jonathan,
I am a music playing girl from Germany and I would like to lecture about you in my class, because I like your music so much! :)
So I need some detailed informations about you.
Can you help me, please?!
Can you send me some informations about you, your life, why you play music and so on?!
I looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best wishes, Jennifer

p.s. And sry if my English is not so good :D

Steve&Stephanie's picture

You guys rocked last night at The House of Blues (Orlando). My husband and I enjoyed getting our up front view of your band on our "date night." We have heard your music but never had seen you play till was GREAT! We also were impressed by the personality that shows guys all truely love what you do! JTNL is destined for greatness!!

Normalisoverrated2112's picture

Hey Jonathan, It's Vince, I was wondering if you all have ever considered a vinyl release for Pardon Me or any future albums? Is it the record company's decision? I would love to have your guys' signatures on vinyl. In relation, my cousin Steven has moved to Lubbock for college and will be seeing your show at the bluelight on the 4th. I have got him into the whole JTNL thing and he has been telling all his friends here and in Lubbock about you all. See you guys in El Paso on the 5th!

Deb's picture

I heard Pardon Me on WRIF!!! Detroit loves JTNL!!!!

wendygao's picture

haha. yeah, my friend was upset at the lack of fried cheese at summerfest. running into you definitely made up for it though. oh wisconsin... hope you liked it here, mozerella sticks and all. did you guys get a chance to do/try some wisconsin-y things while up here?

Normalisoverrated2112's picture

Hey Jonathan,
I need to know if you guys have any unsigned posters like the ones you guys sent with the albums. Just wondering because I wanted to collect you guy's signatures and have them personalized. the poster i recieved seemed to be signed by weak markers.

debbie mullin's picture

hey....ok i will try here had hard time posting comment under discussion what " moves my soul" music wise.......i love to hear passionate heart and soul talent coming from the instument be it drums(my fav).guitar, sax , vocals whatever.. not screetching loud stuff but chord changing challenging passsionate stuff....hence i lovvve freebird ( which i could not hear on the boat :( all that guitar talent and no one to play it oh well did catch 3 min of day we were at island..i stayed on boat to listan to music & get my seat above deck stage haha.. played it then stopped what was that? teasers.... any way jennnifer hudson .aretha....grover washington..the words to me are second to the instrument talent but i do like a non sappy line...# 10 i really really like kimosabe.....on another note if u get this b4 aug 1...i live close to chi., town am going sat night to kid rock/bon jovi....want to see ua all where in wicker park are ya playin...maybe we can party a bit night before ?

Normalisoverrated2112's picture

Jonathan, KLAQ has now put Pardon Me on full rotation and has been getting great reviews! I have learned that the event that you guys are coming to is the annual KLAQ BBQ at Western Playland Amusement Park. See ya September 5!

wendygao's picture

I'd never heard of you guys until my friends dragged me out to summerfest for cage the elephant last night. I'm so glad they did. Wow. AMAZING. I love you guys!! I'm a new and devoted fan now. I hope to make it to your show in Chicago in august. My friend and i ran into you last night while we were getting food. My friend basically gushed about your preformance while i stood in shock in your presence and said one thing about food. do you remember us? come back to milwaukee soon so i can be lazy and not have to drive a whole two hours to chicago!

debbie mullin's picture

never mind guess i should look first then ask things...wicker park aug 1................definate possibility.........

debbie mullin's picture

i had such a good time watchig..listaning to you all on the ship...................ever coming north? hope you guys are on the boat again..of course if ya want to.....i put my vote in with sixthman haha

Normalisoverrated2112's picture

I told KLAQ about your talent and DJ Scott Ronson told me he was trying to bring you all to town so I'll need to thank them, and I also bought a CD for the Manager of Classic Hits 92.3 The FOX so it could be them as well! I wouldn't be surprised!
Thanks Again, Man!

Normalisoverrated2112's picture

Any Idea where in El Paso you're coming? what venue? The Percolator?

Normalisoverrated2112's picture

Jonathan, you guys' fan base in El Paso is steadily growing due to my convincing KLAQ to begin limited promotion of Pardon Me. I have also sold you all about fifty copies of the album, some to key figures of the music scene in El Paso. I have also told many of my friends in Albuquerque of your talent. There is a local coffeehouse (all ages) that is a hot music venue that I think you would like.

iahemingway's picture

After downloading the roo sampler "Gypsy Woman" came across my I Tunes and I was floored. A bunch of friends who attended Roo stopped by to see ur performance and were completely floored. I hope you find your way to Philly some time in the near future. I want my own personal "flooring".

g8smusic's picture

it was a pleasure working with you guys at Rock the Block in Lynchburg. Thanks for being a down-to-earth type of band because that makes my job so much easier, which in turn, makes your show that much better for everyone else. Keep on Rockin and hope I have the opportunity to work with you guys again. ~~ Wes ;)

Alan's picture

Hey man excellent show last night in Lynchburg, VA. I bought a CD from you, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, and like I said seeing a southwestern VA show on the tour was awesome. I discovered you guys while flipping through the channels and saw you on Jimmy Kimmel. I was kinda bummed seeing you only had shows mainly around TX, but once I heard you were plain in VA i made my girlfriend and my family come with me for the 2 hour drive to Lynchburg. Excellent show last night, everyone was impressed. Hopefully, you guys will come back to the area. Also I'm on a committee at James Madison University that brings entertainment to the school and I'd like to try to get you guys to come. Where could I get some info on your booking information/prices? Thanks for an awesome show and I look forward to hearing more!

Rgreen's picture

Saw your group with ZZ Top last night in Columbus, GA and I enjoyed every minute of your set. Your music reminds me of growning up in the DFW area and going to Savvys, Spencers Corner, and Dr Balls to mention a few listening to groups like Savvy, Blackhorse, Southern Cross, and The Desperados. Your cd is great and I hope that you come back to his area again soon. Keep the music going and I can't wait for your next cd

rectangle's picture

that link doesn't work the documentary is called the heart is a drum machine.. i have only seen john frusciante's part though

rectangle's picture

try to dig this:

a real music lesson.

Erin Leonard's picture

JT, dear amigo.